Rogan Architects was founded in 1977 by Spyros Rogan. Since 2012 Fay Rogan participates in the firm. The notions which shape the essential parameters for the formation of the dominant design ideas of the practice are the locus, the integration into the built and non-built environment, the reference to the limits, the structure and the scale of each project. The ultimate goal is to achieve a dialectic relationship between each project and its surrounding environment as well as to ensure high-quality living and working spaces.

The practice covers with its staff the full range of architectural  and urban design. It undertakes designs for the State, public law legal persons, local government organisations etc., as well as designs for private clients. Specifically, it focuses on the design of residences, housing complexes, hotel and tourist facilities, recreation facilities, buildings for administrative functions, office-shop buildings, educational premises, industrial buildings, buildings for ports – amongst others. It is also experienced in the design of master plans and buildings for marinas and ports, landscaping of open-air and seaside sites, complexes for mixed or multiple uses, radio and television stations.

In conjunction with the above, or independently, the fields of interior design and the reinforcement and restoration of traditional buildings with the integration of new uses, are also provided for.

In the realm of urban design, the practice covers the whole scope of its design, while in cases of composite subjects on a broader urban planning scale, it collaborates with experienced firms of urban planning and regional planning.

He graduated from the School of Architecture of the NTUA in 1971. He received the TEE Prize, the Thomaidis Prize and the Honorary Title of a Scholar of IKY. In 1977 he received a Μaster’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Cornell University, U.S.A. Since 1977 he had been teaching architectural and urban design at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens and since 2015 he is Professor Emeritus of the National Technical University of Athens. He also taught architectural and urban design at the School of Architecture of the Democritus University of Thrace from 2003 to 2006. He has produced a number of projects with a variety of architectural scopes. He has won numerous awards in architectural competitions. His work has been published in Greek and international architectural magazines.

Architect (BSc Arch ARB/RIBA Part 1, Dipl. Arch ARB/RIBA Part 2, MA), member of TCG-TEE. She has dealt with the design of residences and housing complexes, interiors, building facilities of ports and master plans.

Civil Engineer (BEng, MSc), member of TCG-TEE. Since 2015 he collaborates with the practice on structural designs.